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Share The Black Secret Online course with your friends and family. They recieve empowering knowledge and you earn a 16% commission.


How It Works

Sharing the Black Secret course with friends and family through social media


After joining as an affiliate, simply refer your friends, family and followers to The Black Secret. Share this valuable resource and wealth of knowledge with others to earn money rewards.

Affiliates can earn 16% commission by sharing their personal link with others


You earn 16% of their subscription fees when they join the course.

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Everytime a new friend, family member or follower subscribes to The Black Secret.



How To Get Started

1. Get Your Link

After you sign up and join, you'll be assigned a personal share link.

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Share your personal link with new subscribers and earn 16% from each person you introduce who joins up.

3. Earn Your Rewards

The more new subscribers you sign up with your share link, the more you earn!

4. Never Stop Earning Rewards

With more than six individuals signed up through your share link, your rewards will not only covers the price of a single subscription, you also start to build an ever increasing revenue stream of money, that grows and grows the more people sign up with your personal link.

5. Get Money

From each successful subscription made through your personal share link, The Black Secret will pay you. Your money will be sent to you 60 days later.


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