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See for yourselves what former students of Robin Walker have to say about their experience of studying with him and how The Black Secret Education Project has impacted on them personally.




Imani Ulaini


"Being tutored and mentored by Robin via the Black Studies course, has quite literally turned my life ‘right-side up’ and opened a world of possibilities that I could never have imagined. I’ve since gone on to complete my Masters in African history and I am now pursuing my PhD. In addition I have had the privilege of delivering online lectures to a global and varied audience as well as launching my on online Black/African heritage platform."





Chakka Shombe


"Having done Robin Walker’s Black History course, I can say that it has fed me intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally. It’s an amazing, amazing course, I highly recommend it. And it gives you a sense of purpose and understanding in the position we are and should be in this society. So, thank you Mr Walker."






Selena Maxwell


"I was invited to attend an introduction session in 2017, from this session I felt this was the right place to be in my life. The impact of attending the classes was life changing for me, the emotions I felt during and after the sessions was ground breaking, years of sadness, anger and confusion revealed itself. I had the opportunity to explore, learn and develop during these classes.

One of the many things I gained by attending these classes was been able to safely start processing my past and learn to live in the present with optimism for the future and the ripple effect on my loved one has been a pleasure to watch. Thank you to Robin and all the team at CSEP."





Danny Thompson


"Robin Walker's courses are the best Black Studies classes I've ever attended. Not only does he give you a depth of information few other Teacher/Scholars can, but in revealing his methodology and sources he empowers his students to look for themselves, read for themselves, and thus develop their own analytical skills. Mr Walker's classes have made me a better student, a better teacher, and a better man."





Avril Nanton


"I was walking down an Islington street in 1997 when I saw a poster that said “Do you know your Black history?” I read it and continued to walk to my destination. But the question had stuck in my mind. So, on the way back I popped into the centre to make enquiries. I was given information and decided to sign up. That was how I met Robin Walker. He was teaching the class. The class was a year long and had lots of information that I never knew at the time.


To this day, I have used the information that I learned under Robin’s tuition to inform people about Black History. In 2018 me and a friend began to put a book together based on the work I do as a tour guide and her interest in black history and art. We called the book Black London: History, Art & Culture in over 120 Places by Avril Nanton and Jody Burton. The book was eventually released in 2021 after the 3 years of work we put into it. The majority of my information came from Robin’s teaching.


I think that had I not met Robin Walker when I did, my life would have been very different indeed. I would not be running a business as I would not have had the knowledge that he has passed onto me and would certainly not have written the book. So, I can only say thank you to him for his knowledge and help over the years and also for being a good friend to me."






Andree Ingrid Mullings


“It’s been awesome to learn from the Black History Man; Robin Walker who has a wealth of information that is not taught in schools. What I’ve learnt so far has given me a knowledge of self that has begun to dispel some the frustrations of my unpleasant experiences in school, socially and the workplace."



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