Our Strategic Partners

Together We Are Stronger


We have formed Alliances with like minded and focused organisations who are making waves in changing the paradigm of how African and the Black World's contributions are framed and understood. Why? Because together we can bring about change and growth far more effectively. Together we are stronger,
together we are better.



Ancestral Voices


Ancestral Voices is an Educational Initiative documenting and disseminating research-based knowledge about African cosmologies & spiritual philosophies for over a decade, producing a wide range of educational materials including documentaries, books and courses. The primary purpose is to redress the negative depictions and inaccurate historical representations of it due to religious and colonial propaganda.


Because the voices of our ancestors deserves to be heard in it's true light. Because our ancestors should to be understood and appreciated by their descendants and all others at large, for the real depth of philosophical thought and spiritual genius they gifted to the world.


In our opinion no one does that better than Ancestral Voices.

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A Tribe Called Progress


A Tribe Called Progress is a racial equity organisation. 

Who are building an Institute for Black Progress.

The vision is to connect, unite and transform the Black community through education,
progressive action and allyship.


What we do/ How we do it

Connect - ATCP connects members to the critical knowledge and networks to accelerate your personal, professional and cultural growth. ATCP curates courses and workshops by leading academics and experienced professionals both physically and digitally. By knowing better we can all do better to build Black communities that thrive globally.


Unite - The Black community’s discourse on African vs Caribbean, Christian vs Muslim, Light skin vs Dark skin even team natural vs weave highlights the division and lack of trust in the community. ATCP is focused on driving positive change by institutionalising progressive knowledge and  advocating for a new tribe united solely on what is going to progress the community.


Transform - ATCP is building bridges between individuals and organizations to maximize our impact in the community. We work to connect your skills, expertise and resources to exceptional change-makers are purposefully building a community where people can make a difference.


ATCP courses are focused on how to use the knowledge to progress today and leave a lasting legacy.


Join the Tribe - Connect, Unite and Transform our Lagacy

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